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Heal Yourself Baby


YOU have a destiny on this planet. 

I am here to assist in the realization of your divine potential through practical practices. Let us partner in health and wellness for YOUR mind, body and spirit. 


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Hi I'm Michelle

A Lifetime of unique and challenging experiences have allowed me to realize the meaning of LIFE and how to LIVE.
I have been assisting clients for 8 years define who they are, clean up parts of their life that need attention and move into a more fulfilling existence. 
We all have a purpose and a destiny that few ever feel they have come to understand-- let alone actualize. 
I'm talking about coming to know yourself to the core.
I'm talking about learning to consume life-giving foods and move your body in alignment with your own spirit.
I'm talking about giving and receiving love to yourself and others.
I'm talking about feeling grounded and thriving in all scenarios. 
Guess what?
It's your birthright, yes you.

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Holistic Approach

Mind Body Spirit

How does the mind, body and spirit work? I had heard the cliche' my whole life...then one day decided to find out.

Yoga and Meditation


Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga and meditation are for all people- no matter age, body type, experience or challenges.
I LOVE all yoga, but I specialize in modified yoga, slow flow, children's yoga and poses for addiction recovery and trauma. 
If meditation has been alluding you, do not fear, you can attain a practice.
Now more than ever we need to know we can find refuge in our own bodies, hearts and minds AND cultivate the life force within!

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Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition


Certified Plant Based Nutritionist

Cutting edge data proves that a WFPBD can not only give you more energy, but also reverse disease and extend your life ! I became a vegetarian in 2017 and then a vegan in January 2018. Before that I was a cajun chef. I have learned how to adapt my cooking and thrive on a diet that gives energy and life to my mind, body and spirit as opposed to death and decay. I can work with you on how to implement this lifestyle for you and your family.

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Healing and Guidance Coaching


Empath, Healer and Coach

I was born a empath and healer. I have a heart of gold and an understanding of things unseen. 
Before coaching I had a 25 year career as a K12 educator plus Special Education Administrator. 
I have worked with hundreds of children and their families to realize personal goals. These experiences have helped me design concise individualized coaching programs for my clients. We will work together to identify your strengths, challenges and resources to set personal goals and execute them with no nonsense.

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