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Hey- I SEE you!


Once upon a time there was a girl born in the Deep South who managed to survive a childhood as tumultuous as the deep gulf surrounding her.

I was born a survivor and made a way through life that would seem picture perfect. All the while, I was unconscious and making due- going through life- checking boxes with no rest or satisfaction.

Drugs, food, panic attacks, nightmare jobs, failed marriages- you name it.

Then one day, I looked myself in the mirror and said " you ain't going out like that".

Babysteps had me clean up a lot -but it wasn't until I found myself in the midwest, isolated and facing the same old story with tears that I decided to make a an EPIC change- to challenge this whole "mind, body, and spirit" thing....boy, did I find out!!

I want to share that with you. You and I are sacred, I never knew that or how it works. I know now and I am on a mission to make that tangible to others.

Guess what! You are not alone !

I Love you, Baby!

Love you Baby 

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