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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Crazy times 2020 and now on the first week of the fall season, I reflect on the natural bounty in all areas of my life. Despite the Pandora's box swirling around, I feel present, satisfied, loved.

It all comes back to nature and how close you are. The more I ground and connect to the Earth, the more I glory in the produce at the store,.... the more I revel in the refuge of plants and animals outside- I am stable and aware. Eyes wide open- I am Grateful and Hopeful.

I'm at my kids apartment in Portland, Oregon. Reflecting on fall and the summer past.

The vegetables and mushrooms we picked up today are so alive and vibrant with purples and greens and browns and whites.

Fall, it's here now---I mean the colors, the air, the changing of the sun patterns in the sky...all love letters to us no matter where we are.

All we have to do is open our eyes and see.

I'll say goodbye to the kids in a few days and will miss them dearly- but also will be excited for what they accomplish- SOOO-I wiped a happy nostalgic tear away and chopped up everything and made gumbo.

Funny- we are just a few miles from the base of Mt. St. Helen-- That's a big change from visiting my dad on the bayou last week in Louisiana.

But hey, the gumbo remains the same.

Grounding, home, flavor, culture, love and satisfaction.

All in a bowl made by my hands.

Life is so beautiful,


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