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You are Not Your Body, You have a body

YOU are NOT your body.

YOU HAVE a body.

Guess what-We have been programmed to believe our worth is wrapped up in our physical appearance and our bodies are a piece of meat.

Valued for beauty or devalued for lack of attractive attributes. (But who gets to decide what is attractive ? Notice -that it depends on different cultures and different times in history. Each individual has their own idea -you will go insane trying to match a million different views of beauty. )

I saw this painting,

by French painter, Gustave Courbet, called The Source (1862) at the Met in NYC.

Apparently, he was considered scandalous-as he did not conform to the classical teachings of painting the human form at that time.

Basically he was a rebel!

I was intrigued with the idea that she was looking away, standing in water and embracing a water fall. Possibly resting, possibly crying, possibly waiting on a friend or a lover, taking a break from bathing ...the artist left it for us to decide.

These last few days she’s been on my mind -with a message -big time!

Listen up!

Maybe no one ever told you -

YOU are NOT your body !!!!

YOU ARE an Eternal Light Being that HAS a human body just for a small moment in time.

I even like to call it your AVATAR!!! Your human body is a glorious bio-mechanical machine with a super computer for a brain.

NOW what?

Let me ask you -Does your body reflect your spirit ? Does your AVATAR reflect your inside ?

Only YOU can answer that.

Are you feeling that you have honored your body in the light of that knowledge ? Contemplate and witness your own answer without judging yourself.

If your answer is no, or I don’t know -don’t fret, baby.

You can learn and turn things around-From the inside out.

I’m gonna teach you.

The good news is that -with every breath can change your future.

Let’s do this!

We will start with our thoughts, what we consume, and how we move and breathe.

I see you baby and

I love you 🦋

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